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Find quality animal grooming products and pet accessories

Find quality animal grooming products and pet accessories at discounted prices from Christies Direct.

About Christies Direct

Dogs bring life to homes, from the pitiful whimpers to the annoying barks in the middle of the night when all you want to do is sleep, they help us to feel more centered in our lives and give us a million reasons to smile even when we are feeling low. But they also give you a million reasons to be baffled at what is going on, especially if you forget to groom them. Christies Direct is the one stop shop to ensure that your dog gets the best grooming you will find anywhere. They specialize in making sure that your dog gets the best cleaning services it can find anywhere. Make use of Christies Direct Discount Code and Christies Direct Voucher Code to save huge on your orders.

Product Lines of Christies Direct

Christies Direct Grooming

They aim to ensure that your dog looks as homely as possible and that nobody can ever question your devotion to your dog. They employ clippers, trimmers and comb to make sure that every time you take her for a walk, everyone will notice the cutie that you are leading.

Christies Direct Bathing

Everyone can put a dog in a bathtub and turn the water on and claim that they have washed him. At Christies Direct, they aim to bring beauty and professionalism to your dog’s bath with the quality shampoos and conditioners to ensure that no part of him remain unwashed.

Christies Direct Styling

They strive to make sure that your dog looks and smell like she owns the street. Our dog cologne selection, creative styling, nail polish colors and hair gel will leave your little girl feeling like a queen. They also offer styling products to allow you to style your dog as you deem fit and leave her unique.

Christies Direct Salon

At Christies Direct, they also take care to ensure that your dog has the latest and fashionable accessories to his cleanliness at his disposal. They have the top of the line grooming tables, high-velocity blasters, cabin dryers and tools bags and accessories to ensure that your dog is always well cleaned and groomed.

Christies Direct Hygiene

No matter how handsome your dog maybe, without hygiene, he is no better than an ordinary hound. That’s why at Christies Direct they take every measure to ensure that your dog is disinfected and exposed to the best groomer’s health in the market. They have an ear, eye and oral care to ensure that no infection pass by.

Christies Direct Boutique

Their store offers a broad range of beauty products to make sure that your dog has the best accessory to remain the best groomed and well taken care of the dog in your area. They offer a varied list of accessories for your dog for you to keep him well groomed and well styled without having to leave your home.

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Christies Direct Customer Service

At Christies Direct, they offer the best dog grooming business that you will find anywhere in the market; they aim to take care of your dog so that you have a healthy, stylish and well groomed a million reasons to smile.

Shipping and Returns

Once you buy or order our product at, you have the option of returning if they are not according to terms of purchase. They also aim to please, and they will deliver our products to you to reduce the time that you spend away from your dog.

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About Christies Direct

Christies Direct offers a huge range of Dog Grooming equipment and specialists. It has a wide variety of products include Shampoos, Clippers, Trimmers, Dog Dryers, Dog Bathing Accessories, Brushes & Tools and Salon Accessories. Christies Direct coupons are useful for obtaining latest dog grooming scissors and much more for fewer prices. Here you can find cheap priced equipment like certified organic Aloe Vera, Oster A6 Comfort 3 Speed Clipper, grooming professional clothes and much more for affordable prices. Hurry up and save bucks using Christies Direct Discount Code and Christies Direct Voucher Code on your shopping.

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