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Find GAP insurance for Car, Motorcycle, truck, van, scooter, plant, tractors and more with applying ALA coupons.

About ALA Gap Insurance

In business since 1990, ALA Gap Insurance has carved a niche for itself by offering a diverse range of financial products in the motor industry. The company has built an enviable reputation with customized insurance policies serving both corporate and personal clients. ALA is an FCA-authorized company, and their website lists all the products offered by them. Buyers of their products online can not only be sure of dealing with one of the best GAP Insurance Brokers but also look forward to full and experienced claims support. Use ALA Gap Insurance Discount Code and ALA Gap Insurance Promotional Code to save huge on your car insurance.

Products Lines of ALA Gap Insurance

GAP Insurance Products

GAP Insurance, one of the primary product offering by ALA, refers to the coverage of shortfall between the amount paid for the motor vehicle and the insurance payout. Given that cars lose a significant chunk of their total value within the first few years of their purchase, a write-off by the insurance company for stolen (or damaged by fire and flood) car at their then-value can result in significant loss of the customer. It is in this area ALA GAP Insurance helps individuals protect their investments. ALA offers a range of GAP Insurance products catering to practically every need of a motor vehicle owners, whether an individual or corporate.

For example, their Back to Invoice insurance scheme offers customers the option to realize the difference between insurance payout and the original vehicle invoice price. Corporate clients have the choice to go for their Fleet GAP insurance where they can even avail significant discounts on multiple purchases. Other sought after GAP insurance products from ALA include GAP Extend, Van Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, and Agreed Value GAP insurance.

Additional Cover Insurance

Other cover insurance, as the name itself implies, is for events when the car itself is not damaged but still requires significant expenditures. ALA has a total of seven distinct insurance products under this category that provides comprehensive coverage to any motor vehicle owner. They include the following.

A) Tire insurance: Covers repairs or replacement due to accidental damage as well as damage caused with malicious intent. 

B) Alloy wheel insurance: ALA's Alloy wheel insurance covers replacement cost due to accidental damage sustained by your alloy wheels. They are available up to 3 years. 

C) Scratch and dent insurance: Covers small and minor body damage to the car with a maximum of three such repairs per annum. 

D) Other insurance schemes: Other additional cover insurance products offered by ALA cover keys, tools in transit, and helmet and leathers.


ALA also offers warranty even after the manufacturer's warranty on your car has expired. With ALA warranty, you can insure yourself against unexpected repair bills. ALA also provides probably the lowest warranty rates in the industry. ALA offers matching price and a further 20 percent discount if customers can find cheaper priced warranty than what is provided by them.

ALA Gap Insurance Customer Reviews

A cursory glance at the online reviews of the existing and past clients of this company suggests that the ALA has done exceedingly well in providing not only the best value for money financial and insurance products but also regarding its customer service and claims support. Both individual and corporate clients have mentioned the quality of experienced and qualified staff that does their diligence before suggesting a product. Customers have also been mostly positive about the minimal paperwork and hassle during the claims processing, and the quick turnaround time.

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Search for GAP insurance


Find GAP insurance for Car, Motorcycle, truck, van, scooter, plant, tractors and more with applying ALA coupons.

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About ALA

ALA Insurance is the UK's leading independent GAP insurance company and specializing in providing top quality GAP Insurance to cover vehicle owners in the event of a write-off. Here you can find GAP Insurance for your motorcycle, truck, car, van, tractor and plant machinery. Their innovative approach to GAP insurance means customers can take advantage of reasonably priced rates, great discounts and helpful product features like online repair monitoring and more at Using ALA Gap Insurance Discount Code and ALA Gap Insurance Promo Code save huge on your services.

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